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"The level of achievement that we have at anything is a reflection of how well we were able to focus on it."
-Steve Vai

Monday, September 30, 2013

S.P.0.G_Space Pug Zero Gravity

My entry in the 99 Pieces of Art show at Access Gallery:
S.P.0.G. - Space Pug Zero Gravity

The show raises money for VSA.

Thanks to Carrie MaKenna for the text reminding me that the pieces were due... ;)

Online operations resume at chateau MIKEYZART...

Being offline for the last few months has allowed me time - undistracted time - to get a lot done. Thanks to my agent, the gallery, and a few other happy circumstances, the past year has been without a doubt the most productive of my life. But I reached a point where not having unrestricted internet access was preventing me from making forward progress in many areas. And one day, a fellow came a-knocking on the door to tell me about the new fiber-optics installation in our area. It seemed there was a confluence of forces coming together that sounded something like this: "Hey, you! Get your *** back online!"

One of the problems with being offline for any length of time is getting your system up-to-date when you re-establish internet access. *sheesh!* This has been a grueling process, but I am getting up and running one small step at a time. The first step was to get the proper updates to be able to access - and utilize - my Outlook, Facebook, and Blogger pages. That being accomplished, I can now at least move forward.

I have many new and exciting news items, photos, projects, anecdotes and quips to post to the blog, and I am excited to finally be able to keep up with my friends, family, and peers.

So fear not, weary traveler... good tidings are ahead!

Friday, September 27, 2013


FINALLY, I have internet service at home again!
(It only took CenturyLink about a month to get the service installed, but let's not dwell on that...