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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Figure: The Staircase

Background blocked in.
Fixed some problems in the structure of the face and developed the shadows.
Continued developing values on the torso, beginning with the left side.
Making sure that the intensity of the light 'falls off' as it progresses down the figure.

Update: New title for figure piece. “The Staircase”
In a flash of inspiration I have come up with a new name for this piece: “The Staircase.”
The thing that first caught me about this was the alternating light-dark-light-dark as the light flows across the planes of the model’s body. So I plan to carry the ‘staircase’ metaphor into the background and creating an implied stairway in the door behind the model.

More development of shadow values.

Here is the first photo 02/02/08:

I love the play of light as it flows down the planes of the model’s body and gets progressively softer and deeper toward the bottom.
A big thanks to JoSchwab on DeviantART for the photo.

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