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-Steve Vai

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Study Paintings 06/08

After a spirited discussion with a dear friend, I felt inspired to paint a study of an egret. There are several that perch just a few yards from where I work, I can never get enough of them. They are such beautiful creatures.

Great Egret, Acrylic, 5x7"
I was thinking how this would be great if I could find the right figure to combine it with. The minute I stumbled across this reference, I knew it was the one. The way her arm echoes the wing of the bird, and the white dress just skimming the surface of the water, it was perfect!

Study for "Spirit Takes Flight", Acrylic, 5x7"
I also wanted to play with the colors in the shadows, on the dress, and the highlight colors. I like the result.
I intend to do a large painting of this one. I am thinking of calling it "Spirit Takes Flight".

Tulip in jar, Acrylic, 6"x8"
I had an idea today about this one. Started with the color scheme. Basically a split-complementary, with red being the focal color, and green/purple being the split complements. I mixed the purple with Ivory Black and Alizarin Crimson to keep it neutral.
I spent most of the time just developing the space around the flower, within the image area of the jar, etc. After getting that where I wanted it, I began developing the details.
I like the way the jar looks. This is not the best photo, had a hard time with the exposure.
Tulip courtesy of Kissimmee Florist.

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