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-Steve Vai

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lilith - a 'personality' portrait

I have been wanting to 'get back to basics' and return to what I love to do at the most basic level, which is drawing and portraits.
I chose this photo by JoSchwab on Deviant ART (no longer posted in the gallery) for the excellent top-lighting which reveals the form beautifully, the organic randomness of the hair, and the directness/intensity of the expression; (there is no 'glamour' pretense about this, or any of JoSchwab's photos for that matter. )

I liked the idea of treating the hair as a painter would - not as individual strands and locks, but as masses of form and shape, interacting with light.

02/18/11 Here is the drawing so far:

Graphite and carbon on gray Canson paper, ~6x9"

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