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-Steve Vai

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New piece in OIL!!! The Mermaid

Well, I've finally done it! I've decided to paint in oil again.
The working title: The Mermaid oil on canvas, 18x24"
(Yeah, I know... where do I come up with these crazy titles?)

I have to give a nod of admiration, appreciation and thanks to Duffy Sheridan, whose personal advice and online guidance has been invaluable. His work is downright breathtaking. Ever since I saw his piece "Promise of Renewal" in the ARC Salon Catalog 2006, I realized that his work embodies everything I aspire to in my own artwork. Links to his website and videos are at the bottom of the post*.

[Please forgive the poor quality and inconsistent quality of the photos. Some are from my cel phone, and some are from the webcam on my laptop.]

Read my recent travails with this piece, in a separate post HERE.
Follow photographs of the Work-InProgress HERE.

*Check out Duffy Sheridan's phenomenal artwork on his website HERE.
Check out Duffy Sheridan's YouTube videos HERE.

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