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"The level of achievement that we have at anything is a reflection of how well we were able to focus on it."
-Steve Vai

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Simple Solutions

I LOVE coming up with a simple, inexpensive idea that solves multiple problems at the same time.
Pen-Pal pen holder, $0.99 (minus employee discount.)
Now, I won't misplace my Wacom stylus. Plus, the bright green color makes it easier to find when swapping between laptop and desktop use (see Black is the New Pain In The Ass from my music blog) It is also a visual reminder to put the pen in the holder, and not set it down in some random place. Yet another little plus.
Wacom Bamboo tablet and stylus -
Now with new pen holder!
Yes, that is paint all over the surface of my laptop table. It comes with the territory. ;)

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