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-Steve Vai

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rediscovering Watercolor and Revisiting Linkage

Re-reading Don Andrews' book Interpreting the Figure In Watercolor, I got the urge to once again work with watercolor and concentrate on Linkage.

Interpreting The Figure In Watercolor - Don Andrews
I have been using Linkage, but it hasn't been a deliberate part of my process when I paint; it has worked its way to an unconscious level.
Plus, I just love the balance between looseness and detail, suggestion and depiction, and the wondrous air of mystery in Don's paintings, which he achieves through linkage (among other things.)
So I dug around and found several good references for exploring linkage.

Watercolor figure study
I was having so much fun, I couldn't stop-
and I had reached the point where
nothing was happening that was
moving the study forward.
I had to force myself
to set the brushes down. .

Click here for reference
The Watcher -
Watercolor Study 01

4x6" Watercolor on paper

Wow, was that fun!!! I remember now how much I really enjoy painting the figure in watercolor.
I am looking forward to revisiting watercolor and exploring linkage some more.

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