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Friday, September 14, 2007

Sanford Zoo 09/07

Sanford Zoo 09/28/07
Another visit to the Central Florida Zoological Park. This time we got up close and personal, a BIG thanks to the staff at the zoo.
Nothing can compare with the animal being right in front of you while you sketch. You have so much more to draw from, and can capture more of the essence of these magnificent creatures.

Ara is a Green-Winged Macaw:

A cool Iguana:

I loved the eyes on this Great Horned Owl:

A beautiful young female Bald Eagle:

This beautiful Amur Leopard had an awesome expression and penetrating eyes:


Today I went to the Sanford Zoo with some artist friends. It was awesome! I must go back.

Here are some of the sketches.

A Caracal:

I liked the light on this elephant behind a fence.

A couple of Bald Eagles. The dark one must have been young.

A few studies of the Coati. These guys are awesome.

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Well done! I should be out this Friday.. early early morning... perhaps I'll see you! Hope all is well.. keep it up...

and nice tag/footnote at the bottom of your blog.. yeah.. still drawing like a girl! :O)

Night you!
Me :)