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-Steve Vai

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Projects from the Academy 1998-2004

I just stumbled upon pix of some of the projects from my studies at the Seattle Academy of Fine Art, now the Gage Academy in Seattle, WA.

Shannon 2001.
Graphite on Strathmore 400 Series paper.
Original 18x24" (image cropped)

Sonnia 2001.
Oil on canvas, 16x20".
This piece won honorable mention in the 2001 show.

Rachel 2002
Charcoal on Strathmore paper, 19x24"
One of my first forays from graphite into charcoal.
("Welcome to the dark side, T-Dog.")

DK Pan 2002.
Charcoal on Fabriano Igres paper, 18x24"
A fascinating model.
This piece won Best in Show in 2002.

Mary Reclining 2002.
Charcoal on Fabriano Ingres paper, 18x24"
This is one of my favorite pieces. Mary was an awesome model.

St. Francis 2003
Charcoal on Fabriano Ingres paper, 16x20"
Oh, the troubles this one gave me. It was damaged and had to be repaired 3 times between starting and completion; twice to the point of near destruction, and the final time by the framer who was mortified and apologetic. As I picked up a piece of charcoal and began the repair, I looked up nonchalantly and said "You know, I'm getting pretty good at fixing this drawing."

Skulley2, 2004.
This begun as a demonstration of the 'rub out' technique, and turned into a full-out 'challenge' between myself and Yumiko, one of my mates in Juliette's Classical Atelier program.

Apollo 2004.
Chracoal on Fabriano Ingres paper, 18x24"
My final piece of 2004, which won 1st place in the Still Life category.
This is the piece I am working on in the photo at right.

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These are all so beautiful. I need to do some more relief charcoal art. Awesome.

Mariiiiiiia ;O)