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-Steve Vai

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Value studies

Yes, here they are. Mikey's infamous value spheres. They are everywhere, and they pop up randomly. It is the most direct way to test the working properties of a medium or surface.

Occasionally, I will do one just to tighten my chops, to stimulate my brain, or perhaps just to pass the time. Constructing a circle from scratch - by hand, with no drafting tools - is a good way to fire up my synapses and get the juices flowing.

This is a joy, nothing but pure form and light.

In these examples I am trying out the various colors of Derwent Drawing pencils on various papers:

The two colors yield very different surface qualities, yet they are the same brand, the same line, on the same piece of acid-free card stock.
The one on the left is Derwent Drawing #6300 Venetian Red. The one on the right is Derwent Drawing #66 Chocolate.
The Venetian Red has a grainier surface quality and the darks are punchier. The Chocolate has a finer surface quality with more subtlety in the lights, and the darks took much longer to build up. Quite the opposite of what I was expecting.

Here is the Venetian Red on parchment colored acid-free card stock. Ooooh, parchment:

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