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-Steve Vai

Friday, February 14, 2014

FAMOUS FACES - Celebrity Caricatures

Salvador Dali
Acrylic, 8x10"
Acrylic on Canvas, 16x16"
The Man In Black
Acrylic on Canvas, 16x16"
Frank Zappa
Acrylic on Canvas, 16x16"

Buddy Rich

Ronnie James Dio
(Rainbow/Black Sabbath)
Donald Fagen
(Steely Dan)
Freddie In Rio
(Freddie Mercury/Queen)
Freddie Mercury
Gene Wilder
(As Young Frankenstein)
Ian Paice
(Deep Purple/Whitesnake)

Jerry Reed

Joey Ramone

John Entwistle
(The Who)
Johnny Rotten
(Sex Pistols)
Johnny Winter

Joni Mitchell

Keith Moon
(The Who)

Kurt Cobain

"Mama" Cass Elliott
(Mamas & the Papas)

Bob Marley

Pete Townshend
(The Who)

Gary Burghoff
(as Corp. Radar O'Reilly)

Rick James

Roger Daltrey
(The Who)

Roy Orbison

Steve Marriott
(Small Faces/Humble Pie)

Jerry Mathers
(as The Beaver)

Janis Joplin

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