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-Steve Vai

Saturday, November 19, 2011


The CheetOwl, a close relative of the Gryphon:

Reptiles and birds are fun to mash-up!

Persian Owl Kitten:


Hammerhead Croc:

Some sketches from my lunch break at work:

A juvenile TurtOwl stretches his wings for his first flight.

A baby TurtOwl waiting for dinner.

I'm getting back to the drawing board and loving every minute of it!!!
Here are some Creature sketches:

I've been following the muse lately. I have been enjoying drawing birds, particularly raptors; Peregrine Falcons, Harris Hawks, and the like.
Today I had a wild urge to look up reference photos of tree frogs. They have such interesting faces.
Later, I was looking at some of Bobby Chiu's incredible artwork. The guy is simply amazing! I started thinking of the tree frogs, and it seemed to me that their nose would be perfect for a beak. Next thing you know, I'm scribbling away, and having fun! I took the face of a tree frog, and added bits and pieces from a Peregrine Falcon. The result was a couple creatures with a decidedly 'baby-dragon'-esque look to them.
What FUN!
Thanks for the inspiration, Bobby!
btw, here is one of my all-time favorite pieces by Bobby Chiu: check it out!

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Ken said...

I like the Hammerhead Croc. Actually I like them all, but that one in particular caught my eye.