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"The level of achievement that we have at anything is a reflection of how well we were able to focus on it."
-Steve Vai

Tuesday, November 29, 2011



I took my sketchbook with me to the DMV today, to pass the time while waiting. For about an hour, I was the hit of the DMV! People were watching and we were all talking and it turned out to be quite an enjoyable couple of hours. One of the gals noticed some older sketches of Keef and commented that she liked them, so I sketched some more Keef.
In the process, I came up with a drawing that I really liked.
I had started the Keef painting, and I liked the lighting in it, but I'm thinking of starting it over, cuz this drawing is just....
To see more of the Keef sketches, click HERE.
To see the painting WIP of Keef (up to today) click HERE.

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