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"The level of achievement that we have at anything is a reflection of how well we were able to focus on it."
-Steve Vai

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Generating new ideas

I watched a great video by Scott Robertson - for the second time.

In this video, he discusses the differences between sketching and illustrating. The main difference is that in illustration, you are focused on creating a nice looking piece; whereas when sketching, you're looking to get the idea down.  You may flesh it out a bit - and you always want to do the beat drawing possible, but if you're too focused on creating a pretty drawing, the idea tends to suffer. The two thought processes are completely different.

I realized that in order to do the final work that I desire, I need to generate better ideas. To stay focused in the idea thinking mode, I need to use the, appropriate tools- ones that allow me to work quickly, get the idea down. Tools that allow for delicate rendering tend to sidetrack the sketch.

So I picked up the pen again, and got to work.  And I kept working until the page was full. And when that was full, I went to a new page.

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