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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fantasy Photo Shoot_Castlewood Canyon

Beautiful park.
Today's photo shoot at sceninc Castlewood Canyon was amazing!
I have been looking forward to this for quite some time
There were a lot of lessons to learn - mainly logistics: about the size and layout of the park, about the legal boundaries and private property limits, about the ill-tempered off-duty sheriff, about organizing and coordinating all the parties involved... And personally I have a lot to learn about photography, especially when it comes to location shooting.
So for all that, I was glad we had a small – but awesome – group (myself, Michael, Sarah, and Carolyn.) It was a good scouting trip, and we did not even scratch the surface of all the good spots to shoot... especially once the sun dipped over the edge of the canyon and we were in the shadows, with the temperature dropping rapidly.
Yes, it was cold. The snow made for a great winter shoot.
My long johns, you ask? Oh yes, I laid them out neatly yesterday. Where I laid them, I still have not been able to determine. Yup, they are officially missing in action. LOL But I bundled myself up as best I could, and we made it through just fine.
This tree was phenomenal.
Michael was awesome as usual. Carolyn wore her “Merida” costume with poise and panache. That wig was unbelievable, and she was getting 'epic' hair at every turn.
The Dam was awesome.
The Dam was an epic spot for photos, and the tree was catching the light in the most astonishing way.
My photos came out good – I am sure Sarah's came out even better. I can hardly wait to use these, there are so many awesome ideas brewing already. I'm certain they will turn into several great drawings and one epic painting at the very least.
It will take me a while to process all the photos. Here are a few outtakes from the shoot. Hope you enjoy them.

Michael gives Carolyn
some archery pointers.
There were more than a few
epic hero shots to be had.
I added some punctuation
to the sign

Sarah got some great
close-up portrait shots.
She is a little more
brave than I am
Carolyn is checking out
the spot where Mikey will
fall on his ass
in about 90 seconds
The sun is going away, and it made
the scene even more beautiful...

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