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-Steve Vai

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Testing out some new paints and brush

I used a small portion of my tax refund to stop by Creative Possibilities and purchase some art supplies.
I love the place, and the folks there are super-awesome.
I picked up a couple tubes of the Jo Sonja Artist Colours acrylic paint (Burnt Umber and Warm White,) and a Loew-Cornell 7040 Round Stroke #2 brush. I have been excited to try them out.
Here is a little tonal study I did using the two colors (Burnt Umber and Warm White) and the new brush, along with a couple of my trusty flats where needed.
Here is what I ended up with. 
I may go back in and work the background a bit, and fiddle with a few details, but I am pretty happy with the paints and the new brush.
I like this paint. It is very 'buttery' coming out of the tube... and it appears to have a long 'open' time. Of course, painting on paper definitely affects the working properties of the paint. I will have to try it on canvas next to really see what it's like to work with.
Looking Back
Acrylic on gessoed Watercolor Paper

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