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"The level of achievement that we have at anything is a reflection of how well we were able to focus on it."
-Steve Vai

Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day weekend 2014

This has been a fun - and art-filled - holiday weekend.
I started off Saturday with the DIS Plein Air Club outing to Clear Creek in Golden, CO. We had a good time, there were tons of people, and we even got kicked out of our spot (Clay and Dylan found a cool vantage point, but the Park Ranger ousted us because of safety reasons.)
I wasn't satisfied with my resulting field study, but I got some pics to bring back to the studio.
Afterward, we went to Golden City Brewery for a beer and some art talk.
I spent Sunday at Taste of Colorado, drawing with Ben from *LoL* Caricature Company, and our good friends Robby and Chad. What a day! We almost didn't have any time to chat, but fortunately managed to take a few near the end of the day to catch up. Afterward, Ben and I went to Yard House for food and beverages.
Today was a 'chill' day, in the studio with some new art supplies (I picked up a couple new brushes and some paint, along with a butcher's tray for watercolor/gouache.) I was concentrating on getting used to working with gouache, and on the light and color.
I had fun painting, doing small studies, and working on compositional ideas for some large pieces.

Now it's time to wind down with pizza and a movie.
Yup... that was a good holiday weekend.
Everyone was enjoying
Clear Creek on Saturday.
Artists under the brige (again?)
Can you spot trouble?

My field study.
Back in the studio. L-R:
Cascabel, another view of the river.
Concentrating on light, color
and getting used to the gouache.
Robin/Forest Guardians
Thumbnails and Scenes
Putting it all together
into a composition.
Picking up where I left off on the
Robin/Forest Guardian series.

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