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-Steve Vai

Thursday, May 22, 2008

COOL new addition to the studio!

Check it out!
After a dream about a floating skull in space, I set about collecting the hardware and wire, and installed this new addition to my studio.

It is very simple really. After looking around at hardware stores, I found this plant hanger in the gardening section of my local WalMart. The coolest thing about it is that it has a locking swivel, taking my original idea to a whole new level.
At first, I used two C-clamps attached to a shelf on the wall, but they pulled the shelf down, so I had to mount the bracket into the wall, which meant I had to go out and buy a stud finder. This presented unforeseen problems, because every time I got near the stud finder, I set it off ;)
I originally tried 12 lb. fishing line, but it snapped and sent Horatio tumbling, knocking out two of his teeth (one of which I didn't find until this morning.) By the way, having removable teeth in a skull is just plain stupid. They keep falling out, and I may have to resort to gluing them in place.

I ask you, how COOL is it to have a skull floating over your easel?

I am so excited to be able to utilize this cool new setup. Finally, I am no longer limited to what I can set up on a table surface. I can suspend Horatio, or for that matter, any object, in space. I can play with the lighting, the placement, tilt, etc.
Plus, I have recently been fascinated with the space surrounding the subject.
I believe this is going to be a real asset.

I think Horatio is about to make a comment.

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