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-Steve Vai

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Commute Art

SunCor Energy before sunrise...
I have been super-busy the last couple weeks, but not too busy to be creating some art!

With my car in the shop (again,) I have once again taken advantage of the commute time to draw. Once again, I find that interesting images, shapes, and relationships are all around - if you look for them.

I had wanted to explore the scene at the CU Denver Medical Center stop a little more, so I took my new smarty-fone and my sketching supplies with me. I was really enjoying the ability to revisit the same scene a few days in a row.

It was all going great, until the last ride home. I decided to try adding some watercolor to the drawing. It was totally the wrong point in the process - I had already put down too much with the Pilot Hi-Tec-C pen, and everything just melted. The result was a mess, and an epic color failure.
The sketch... about day 3...
Pilot Hi-Tec-C pen and Pentel Aquash brush pen, 9x12"

But I tried something new, and learned a little in the process. I'm satisfied.
After 'the watercolor incident.'
Kind of a mess... but worth trying.
Now I know to put the watercolor down before bulding
too much with the pens.

SunCor Energy before sunrise...
During the commute, I also got some great shots of the SunCor Energy plant just before sunrise. I would like to get some just a tiny bit later, when there's enough sunlight to see the outline of the structures. The lights are cool looking.

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