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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Watts Atelier_Skull, Front View

And now for one of my favorite subjects: Skulls!!!
I had a very productive weekend, and got into Skull Front View. It seemed only fitting, since we are coming up on Halloween, and I have always loved to draw skulls – not the scary, tattoo-with-flames type of skulls, but the realistic ones. So you can imagine how excited I am for this assignment!
(Yeah, I’m old-fashioned.)
Welcome back, Skulley II!
Since I have my own skull – and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want one? – I used it instead of the photo reference provided in the class materials.
With the exercises in Head Lay-Ins, it made the drawing process quicker and more solid. 
The drawing in progress.
I did employ some varied line work to help the drawing 'read' better. I resisted the temptation to render, but I still put in a solid layer of light tone over the shadow areas, just to help myself visualize what was going on. Plus it really 'brings it together.'

The finished assignment.
Wolff's Carbon pencil 2B and 4B
on newsprint, approx. 8x10" image size
This was a FUN assignment! :)

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