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Thursday, October 30, 2014

More fun with SKULLEY II! Watts Atelier_Skull, Profile View

Having more fun with skulls! And tomorrow is Halloween, so I'm totally in the mood.
This is a fun assignment. One of my all-time favorite pieces is Nature's Design, and I enjoyed revisiting a side view skull.
 Of course, Skulley II is different than the original Skulley, so I had to pay attention - no falling back on memory for this assignment. And for that reason, I chose to do the reverse angle profile view. They each have their own 'personality.' Skulls... go figure. ;)
Off to a decent start.

One thing I learned the first time around, is that
the skull is quite a bit longer (front to back)
than one might expect.
Once again, I employed varied line quality to give the skull some 'weight' and help the drawing 'read' better. I really am grateful to have picked up a few things from Scott Robertson along the way. Not only does it harken back to my days as a technical illustrator, but the principles cross over very well to fine art drawing.
The finished (for now) assignment.
Skulley II, Profile View
Wolff's Carbon pencil 2b, 4B on newsprint

I added some light tone to the shadow areas, that ended up becoming not-so-light-tone... lol. I like the way a drawing looks when the shadows are mapped in, just before beginning to turn the form.

There are some things I am happy with, and others I would change if I were to do it over again (which, of course, I will....)
 Fun times.
Happy Halloween!!!

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