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-Steve Vai

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Watts Atelier_Drawing Fundamentals Phase II_Value Scale - Light and Shadow

I had fun  with this exercise.
Maybe a little too much fun, but I was really enjoying using the Conte to achieve a 'painterly' image. I would get carried away, and then come back and tidy up some bits... and back and forth.

The initial 'mapping' of the
shadow shapes.

The exercise after filling in the
shadow areas.
Conte 1710B on newsprint,
The objective of the exercise was to divide the image into a simple two-value statement: Light and Dark.

Once I did that, I had great fun pushing the contrast in the areas of interest - while still maintaining the simple, two-value statement - leaving some areas a little less 'punchy' and more mysterious.
 I experimented with hard and soft edges...

I think I even lost an edge in there somewhere.
(If you find it, let me know.)

Perhaps I am finally beginning to think like a painter.

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