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-Steve Vai

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Watts Atelier_Drawing Fundamentals II_Building Objects with Basic Forms

I have been working on the Drawing Fundamentals II assignment Building Objects With Basic Forms.
I really looked forward to the process, setting up the still life with objects that have been lying around begging to be drawn.
The setup.
I really enjoyed the drawing process. Still working on getting comfortable with holding the pencil in an overhand grip, I focused on getting the drawing down, 'drawing through' the forms, and mapping out the major shadow areas.

When it came to filling in the shadows with tone, I may have gotten carried away. (That seems to be happening a lot with these assignments.) I began turning the form, and rendering the image, bit by bit. It wasn't the main point of the assignment, but it was okay to take it a step farther.

After drawing the forms and mapping the shadow shapes.
Everything was going great, until I leaned a little too heavily on the drawing table. I looked up just in time to see the chicken timers sliding toward the edge of the books, and before I could react, the whole setup came crashing down into my lap.
Filling in shadows, and beginning rendering.
Lesson learned: set up the still life on a surface that will not be disturbed. Or, if I do set it up attached to the drawing table, be vary careful not to lean too heavily.

The final stage of the drawing, before the whole setup came crashing down...
It was probably for the best. I think I'll be better off to move on to the next assignment than to spend too much time rendering this image. I can always keep working on it, or come back and revisit the setup later. 
My quick re-creation of the event.
"Abandon Ship!!!"

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